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Songhua eggs cannot be eaten with these five foods!
In daily life, many people are very fond of eating Songhua eggs. Its method is not only simple but also delicious, so it is highly sought after by many people. And we all know that food has a contraindication, what can Songhua eggs not be eaten with? Today I will simply give you science and science.

Songhua eggs cannot be eaten with these five foods!

[Songhua egg is not suitable for these foods! ]

First: Do n’t eat with Huangpi

Scutellaria baicalensis is extremely delicious food, and many people choose it for nourishment. However, Huang Zhi and Song Hua Egg are not suitable for eating together, because eating them together can cause diarrhea, and in severe cases can also cause food poisoning.

Second: Do not eat with vinegar

Many people use vinegar as a dipping sauce when eating Songhua eggs. In fact, the two are not suitable for eating together. Therefore, Songhua eggs are alkaline foods, and there is a lot of calcium in vinegar. Once they are together, they will cause the appearance of sediments and affect the digestion of the stomach and intestines.

Third: Turtle

Do n’t show turtles with pineapple eggs, because turtles are high in nutrition, but lead-free in pineapple eggs will affect their value, leading to loss of nutrition, so there is no tonic effect. Know that turtles are generally used as tonic Ingredients.

Fourth: Brown sugar

What can't Songhua eggs be eaten with? Remember that brown sugar is also taboo. You must know that brown sugar is a must-have food for women's health. If you like to eat Songhua eggs, don't take the two together. Therefore, the two foods are different foods. Songhua eggs are alkaline foods, while brown sugar is acidic foods. Therefore, the consumption of these two will cause an acid-base imbalance, which will have a lot of effects on the body.

Fifth: Mulberry

Mulberry and Songhua eggs are also not suitable together. Because there are many nutrients in mulberry, such as glucose and ning acid, pectin and tannin, etc. Once eaten with Songhua egg, it will cause food poisoning.

Songhua egg is one of the more popular foods, but I want to say that Songhua egg should stay away from the above foods in order to eat healthy.

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