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Tinnitus or these five causes!
Many people in life often cannot hear others talking and feel their ears are buzzing. In fact, this is tinnitus, and most people ignore tinnitus directly. Then do you know what causes tinnitus? Today I will simply take everyone to see in detail the real cause of tinnitus.

Tinnitus or these five causes!

[These culprits that cause tinnitus!]

First: ear diseases

In fact, the ear is a very sensitive part, so when there is a disease, there will be a noticeable buzz. Therefore, the appearance of tinnitus may be caused by ear diseases, such as otitis media or external otitis.

Second: Nasopharyngeal Cancer

In fact, nasal cancer can cause tinnitus, such as nasopharyngeal cancer. In fact, there is an eustachian tube between the nose and middle ear cavity to adjust the Kia. When nasopharyngeal carcinoma appears, it can lead to blockage of the eustachian tube, which leads to tinnitus.

Third: liver and kidney disease

What causes tinnitus? In fact, this may be poor liver and kidney. Chinese medicine believes that the liver is open to the eye, because a poor liver can cause interference between the two ends. Therefore, kidney and liver yin deficiency will cause tinnitus and deafness.

Fourth: Neurasthenia

In fact, the appearance of tinnitus may also be caused by neurasthenia, because patients are often over-stressed, which will cause the central nervous system to enter a state of excitement, which will lead to tinnitus due to the inability to hear outside sounds.

Fifth: Cardio-cerebrovascular disease

What are the causes of tinnitus? Have you considered cardiovascular disease? Orange diseases can cause tinnitus, such as high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis.

In fact, I want to say that although tinnitus is often seen in daily life, most people don't understand it, so many friends often ignore it. However, when tinnitus appears, it may be cardio-cerebral vascular disease or liver and kidney disease. And even nasopharyngeal cancer. Not paying attention will cause the disease to worsen, so understanding the causes of tinnitus can be better prevented.

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