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Pregnant women follow three principles when driving!
Many homes today have a car that is used as a vehicle for daily mobility. Among them, many women have driver's licenses and naturally drive out. But when a woman is pregnant, she must pay special attention to everything, otherwise her health will be very bad. Therefore, pregnant women are better not to drive out by themselves and let their husbands pick up and drop off. If you ca n’t help but need to drive out yourself, you have to be extra careful. So what should pregnant women pay attention to?

Pregnant women follow three principles when driving!

First: don't drive too fast

Driving a pregnant woman is a dangerous thing. If you drive too fast, it is naturally not good for your health. Do not make emergency turns, emergency brakes, or drive at an extremely fast speed. This can easily cause a fright. Moreover, these dangerous situations are prone to traffic accidents. In the event of a collision, it is not just to scare the fetus. It is so simple to scare yourself. It may also cause injuries and even abortion.

Second: don't spread by hair

Many women like to wear their hair to make their overall image look gentle and demure. Some pregnant women also like to do this. For the sake of health, it is recommended that pregnant women do not shed their hair when driving, and should tie their hair up. Because you can't predict the wind coming from that direction, it's easy to mess up your hair. The messy hair is very likely to block your view, and you will not be able to see the road and car conditions ahead. Such a risk factor is very high.

Third: do not turn the air conditioner too low

Many people like to turn on the air conditioner after entering the car. Because after entering the car, the doors and windows will be closed tightly. If the air conditioner is not turned on, people sitting inside will be stuffy and the air will not feel fresh. At this time, people will choose to turn on the air conditioner, but pregnant women are more prone to fever, so they are more likely to feel hot than ordinary people. If they feel hot, they will choose to lower the temperature of the air conditioner. Please remember that pregnant women should control the temperature of the air conditioner.

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