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Three causes of diarrhea!
When it comes to diarrhea, many people think of cold. In fact, there are many reasons for diarrhea. Do you know why some people have diarrhea after eating food? In fact, this may be related to the stomach or the diet. Let me take you to see what causes frequent diarrhea.

Three causes of diarrhea!

First: food poisoning

In my daily life, I often see that many people were eating a large meal yesterday, and they started having diarrhea all day today. Then this may be food poisoning. You must know that the ingredients of each food are different. Some things can easily cause toxic reactions, which leads to poisoning. Then diarrhea will accompany itself. Therefore, in normal times, you still have to learn a reasonable food mix, it is best not to eat foods that are prone to adverse reactions.

Second: gastrointestinal

What happens when I often have diarrhea? Or it has something to do with the stomach. Everyone's gastrointestinal function is different, and everyone's gastrointestinal health is different. If your stomach is weak, but you always like to eat greasy spicy or indigestible food, then this will cause diarrhea. If something goes wrong with your stomach, such as long polyps, it can easily lead to diarrhea, and even blood in your stool. So if you have gastrointestinal problems, you should eat food early.

Third: bacterial infection

What are the causes of frequent diarrhea? In the end, it may be an infection. You should know that people now pay more attention to health, but they may not be safe in terms of diet. Therefore, you do not know if there is any bacterial residue in the food you buy. If you do not clean it, it can easily cause gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea. Therefore, it is recommended to choose fresh food. After the expiration date and moldy food, it is best not to eat it.

Friends who often have diarrhea in life should pay attention to it. If you say that you have food poisoning or bacterial infection, you should pay more attention to the hygiene of your diet. It is recommended to separate raw and cooked food and clean the food several times. If there is a gastrointestinal problem, then conditioning the stomach is king.

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