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How to effectively prevent influenza A?
Spring is a high incidence of respiratory diseases. In addition to new coronary pneumonia, other diseases must be prevented. At present, influenza A is a relatively serious disease. Many people are easily recruited, so do you know how to prevent it? It is reported that the United States is currently in the severely affected area of new coronary pneumonia and influenza. In short, prevention is still greater than cure, so today I will simply talk about influenza A.

How to effectively prevent influenza A?

[Prevention method of influenza A]

First: health

The flu likes those who are unhygienic most. For example, they often eat without washing their hands or do not wash their hands after going to the toilet. They basically do not cover when coughing. Therefore, if you want to prevent flu, you must do good personal hygiene. Washing your hands frequently is the most common basic rule.

Second: increase exercise

Influenza A virus prefers people with weaker resistance, such as children or weak women. So if you want to avoid the flu, you need to exercise. When you keep exercising, your body's resistance will increase, so you have the capital to fight the virus. So it is recommended to choose some running or dancing to practice yoga and so on.

Third: vaccine

How to prevent influenza? Vaccination is also a common prevention method. It is recommended to get vaccinated before the high flu season, and keep in mind that the flu viruses are different each year, so one vaccine should be taken every year.

In fact, there are some flu outbreaks every year, and influenza A is just one of them. The flu is highly transmitted, so it is recommended to do the above to prevent it.

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