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Three major dangers of diabetic drinking too much alcohol!
Many people in everyday life like to drink alcohol, so many people are asking if diabetes can drink alcohol? What are the consequences of drinking diabetes? In fact, experts say that controlling the amount of alcohol consumed by diabetic patients will not affect In the case of illness, once it is excessive, it may cause complications or worsen the illness. Today, I will simply take everyone to understand it.

Three major dangers of diabetic drinking too much alcohol!

[Dangers of drinking too much alcohol for people with diabetes]

First: high and low blood sugar

For diabetics, blood control is the most important sugar, and whether it is low or high blood sugar will affect the condition. Drinking alcohol can affect blood sugar, because the absorption of alcohol and the acceleration of metabolism can easily cause hypoglycemia. In addition, drinking can also cause food intake to be affected, especially when drinking alcohol, which is basically high in calories, which will cause blood sugar to spike.

Second: affect blood lipids

What kind of harm can a diabetic person drink too much? It will have a certain effect on blood lipids. You should know that people who drink alcohol often cause too much food intake. For people with diabetes, too much food intake may affect triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, leading to disorders of blood lipids and easy to cause arteries. Sclerosis and other diseases.

Third: elevated uric acid

We all know that there are many complications of diabetes, hyperuricemia is one of them, and when you drink too much alcohol, it will cause uric acid to soar and cause uric acid to appear.

The above is about the harm caused by excessive drinking of diabetic people, so I would like to say that appropriate drinking of diabetes is still possible, remember not to overdo it. For diabetic patients, it is best not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, and it is best to check the blood sugar before drinking. Once the blood sugar is too low, do not drink alcohol. In short, can people with diabetes drink alcohol? In fact, it is appropriate, but Xiaobian still recommends not to drink it. After all, drinking alcohol is extremely harmful, and it may also affect the condition.

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