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A woman's sore throat and cough may be the four reasons!
Throat abnormalities are extremely common in daily life. What is the reason for a dry throat and cough? I believe most people have this experience. Dry cough is very uncomfortable, so why does this happen? Want It is necessary to understand the causes of treatment before treatment can be completely prevented.

A woman's sore throat and cough may be the four reasons!

[Main cause of dry throat and cough]

First: respiratory diseases

If the respiratory tract is abnormal, the throat can easily become itchy and coughing. For example, common colds or chronic rhinitis and sore throat, etc. These respiratory diseases can cause throat irritation, which leads to dry itching and coughing. Then when you are caused by this kind of cause, the treatment of the disease is the best way to relieve it. Do a good job of treating rhinitis and cold or sore throat, and the symptoms will naturally disappear.

Second: drugs

Why is there a dry throat and cough? In fact, this may be related to the drug. Be aware that some drugs are toxic, such as antihypertensive drugs or cardiovascular drugs. So taking these drugs may cause some bad reactions, and dry throat and cough are one of them.

Third: Allergies

The appearance of dry itchy cough is also related to allergies. When you come into contact with allergens, you will have a continuous and repeated cough, especially dry cough. So learn to stay away from allergens, such as dust, pollen, tobacco and alcohol.

Fourth: Spleen Deficiency

In fact, a bad spleen may also cause a dry itchy cough, because when the organ is in a weak state, some symptoms will appear, and dry itchy cough is a common phenomenon among them.

The above is the main case of dry throat and cough. I don't know which one you belong to. In fact, when you have a dry itchy cough, it is recommended to find out the specific cause first and treat it symptomatically. For example, it is because of allergies, so stay away from allergens, such as factors of drugs, then try to reduce the use of drugs as much as possible. At the same time, pay attention to drink more water to relieve discomfort in normal times, of course, diet is also a good way.

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