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Can the potatoes grow a little sprouts?
Because potatoes are cheap and full, many people buy potatoes for home. And potatoes will germinate or become mildew if they are left for a long time. Can the potatoes grow a little, can they be eaten? Many people think that a small amount of small buds should not be a big problem, so simply go today Learn about potatoes.

Can the potatoes grow a little sprouts?

Can the potatoes grow a little sprouts?

In daily life, there are many friends who store food will cause germination, and potatoes are the most common. Can the potatoes sprout be eaten? Some people think that they can be eaten by just peeling them. In fact, germinated potatoes are not edible, even a little sprout. When potatoes sprout, it will cause the emergence of mold, and the mold will gradually become solanin, which is a toxic substance. Once eaten, it will cause vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness, so it is not suitable for eating of.

Which potatoes cannot be eaten?

(1) green potatoes

If the potatoes in your house turn green, it is recommended not to eat them. Because the potatoes turn green, it means that the toxins are very high, and once they are not cleaned, they will directly cause poisoning, so it is best not to eat them.

(2) refurbished potatoes

Which potatoes are not suitable for eating? In fact, some fresh potatoes may easily cause poisoning because it has been refurbished. This kind of food is stored for a long time and is easy to cause rot. Once taken, it may cause bacterial infection, so it is not suitable for eating.

The nutritional value of potatoes is very high, you can nourish your stomach, lose weight, etc., so many people like to eat them. But keep in mind that some potatoes are not suitable for eating, such as a little sprout or refurbished potatoes and green potatoes. So friends who like to eat potatoes should remember, do n’t germinate and do n’t take it seriously. This may cause poisoning. Do you know which potatoes are not suitable for eating?

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