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There are vertical lines on the nails or these reasons!
We all know that abnormalities in body parts have a great impact on health, such as nails. In daily life, many people will have vertical streaks on their nails. Do you know what is going on? Why are there vertical streaks? In fact, it may be caused by the following reasons, it may be a disease. Maybe simply go and talk.

There are vertical lines on the nails or these reasons!

What's wrong with vertical lines on my nails?

First: Normal phenomenon

In fact, some people have normal vertical lines on their nails. As the age increases, the water capacity of the nails will also decrease, which will lead to the appearance of various lines. Therefore, when you see that the vertical lines of nails are uniform and do not feel uncomfortable, then adjust your diet.

Second: lack of nutrition

Vertical streaks on the nails may be due to lack of nutrition, such as the lack of common vitamin A and protein. Lack of vitamin A will lead to dry skin, corneal dryness, nail wrinkles, etc. Therefore, pay attention to supplementing such foods, such as pork liver or carrots. The lack of protein can cause nail streaks because protein is the main nutrient for rough hair follicles. Therefore, this kind of people can properly eat trotters or chicken wings and so on.

Third: disease

The vertical lines on the nails are also related to the disease. If your vertical lines are black, then the liver is abnormal. If the vertical lines are blue, then the lungs are abnormal or hypoxic. It is suggested that such people should pay more attention to the treatment of the disease.

Fourth: tired

What about vertical streaks on my nails? It may be caused by fatigue. Fatigue generally affects digestion and nail development, so vertical lines may appear. Therefore, this kind of friends should pay more attention to the combination of work and rest.

In fact, the vertical lines on the nails are generally the above reasons. If it is fatigue or nutritional deficiencies, it is recommended to treat them as soon as possible because of the disease. Then do you know about the vertical lines on the nails? Is it?

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