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Do not do these things after getting up!
Many friends in life have a lot of habits. For example, some people will immediately fold the quilt after getting up, some people will immediately go to the toilet, and some people will eat immediately. In fact, there are many things that should not be done after getting up. Follow Xiaobian to see those behaviors you often do.

Do not do these things after getting up!

Things not to do after getting up.

First: quilt

I believe that the first thing many people do to get up is not to change their clothes and to stack twenty quilts. Well, British experts said that just after getting up, there is temperature and sweat on the quilt, so when you fold the quilt, it is easy to create a bacterial living environment, which can easily cause the breeding of dust mites. So it is recommended to turn the quilt upside down.

Second: get up right away

A lot of friends woke up suddenly after waking up, but after running they found their head was a little dizzy. In fact, this is because the brain hasn't responded yet. When you get up, the oxygen has not been delivered to the brain, and it can easily cause dizziness and other conditions. So it is recommended not to rush after waking up, and to stay in bed for a few minutes.

Third: Sports

It is not easy to exercise violently after getting up. First of all, fasting is very easy for people to cause hypoglycemia and syncope. The last is that too much morning exercise will cause sympathetic nerve excitement, which will make you easily anxious. Therefore, it is recommended to forget about morning exercise.

Fourth: diet

Don't eat immediately after getting up, because the stomach and stomach have not recovered, and eating after getting up can easily cause insufficient secretion of the stomach and stomach, resulting in digestive disorders. Therefore, do not rush to eat after getting up, it is recommended to drink a glass of water directly to promote peristalsis of the stomach.

The little thing of getting up is a daily necessity, but everyone's situation is different. And we all know that we should not do the above things after getting up, because these small movements may cause abnormalities in your body or affect the whole day. So don't eat immediately after getting up, don't exercise immediately. Don't get up immediately and don't jump over the quilt immediately.

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