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Is lung cancer contagious?
In life, as long as it is associated with cancer, it will make the people disgusted and afraid. Lung cancer can be said to be extremely common. The incidence of this type of cancer is extremely scary. It is true that lung cancer spread on the Internet is crazy. Is lung cancer really infectious? Today we will simply understand lung cancer.

Is lung cancer contagious?

Is lung cancer contagious?

In fact, when it comes to lung cancer, many people do n’t know much about it. Lung cancer is a tumor, but what it can transmit is an infectious disease. There must be a source of infection and a way and personnel. The three are indispensable, and lung cancer is not contagious. There are many reasons for this, but there is no evidence that cancer cells can be transmitted from one person to another, so lung cancer does not spread.

[Causes of lung cancer.]

First: smoking

As everyone knows, smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer, but there are still many people who smoke in life. Smoking not only causes cancer, but also people around you, because second-hand smoke is far more harmful than smokers. Therefore, it is recommended to quit smoking early.

Second: oil fume

Why are women getting more and more lung cancer? This is because of oil fume. Many people's diet is characterized by high-temperature stir-fry or fried. These cooking methods will cause a large amount of oil fume, which will cause cell lesions and cancer when long-term absorption of large amounts of oil fume. So adjust your eating habits.

Third: Lung Disease

What is the cause of lung cancer? It is also related to lung diseases. Generally speaking, if lung disease is not cured in time, it will easily become a chronic disease and gradually lead to the emergence of lung cancer. For example, pneumonia or tuberculosis, etc., it is recommended to actively treat lung diseases to prevent lung damage.

Is lung cancer contagious? No. The occurrence of lung cancer is related to factors such as smoking or diet and lung diseases, so there is no so-called infection statement. If you want to prevent lung cancer, you must stay away from the root cause.

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