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Six dangers of women drinking too much alcohol!
Many female friends in life will alleviate stress through drinking, and daily symptoms when drinking. However, women drinking too much alcohol can cause a lot of damage, such as the stomach and kidneys. Simply talk about the dangers of women drinking too much, so that you will quietly put down the glass after watching it.

Six dangers of women drinking too much alcohol!

[Consequences of woman drinking too much! ]

First: blood sugar

It is believed that most people know that alcohol has a great effect on blood sugar. Frequent drinking will lead to glucose deficiency, especially when drinking on an empty stomach. Then, once glucose is lacking, women will easily have hypoglycemia.

Second: Reproductive system

Women's excessive drinking will also affect the reproductive system, because drinking will cause abnormal secretion of hormones, which will cause the ovaries and other organs to be affected, and eventually cause reproductive problems such as infertility.

Third: liver

Excessive drinking is the most harmful to the liver. When you drink too much, the liver will not be able to break down the alcohol in time, which will increase the burden on the liver, mild liver discomfort, and severe alcohol liver fatty liver disease.

Fourth: hurt the stomach

Does drinking alcohol affect the stomach? Sure it will. I believe many people have heard that drinking too much can cause stomach bleeding. This is because alcohol directly causes gastrointestinal damage, affects gastrointestinal function, and causes mucosal injury.

Fifth: endocrine

The effect of drinking on endocrine is also huge, because alcohol can cause endocrine disorders, and the secretion of estrogen will be affected, so the period will also suffer.

Sixth: Sexual life

Women's excessive drinking will also affect sexual life. Most people say that drinking helps sex. In fact, long-term drinking will lead to a decrease in pituitary hormones and an increase in plasma testosterone, which will impair sexual function and affect sexual life.

In fact, it is good for women to drink alcohol appropriately. Once drinking too much, it may cause the above harm, so it is recommended to stay away from alcohol.

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