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Expired cosmetics still have these effects!
For women, there are a lot of cosmetics in their hands, and we all know that cosmetics also have time. Once they are not used up, they may face expiration. So how do you deal with expired cosmetics? In fact, it is a pity to throw them away, and there are a lot of wonderful uses for expired cosmetics. Then simply go to understand it.

Expired cosmetics still have these effects!

(1) expired perfume

Perfume can be said to be a must for women, so how to deal with perfume when it expires? In fact, it can be used to wipe, such as lamps or toilets. This can promote the volatilization of the perfume, so that there is a slight scent in the wiped area, especially the air purification.

(2) lotion

Lotion is indispensable for women, so when the lotion expires, you have a lot of wonderful choices. You can use it to dress the dresser, you can also use it to clean the range hood, you can also use it to wipe shoes, leather bags, leather sofas, etc., you can also use it to wipe notebooks and so on. The lotion contains alcohol, which can help disinfect and clean.

(3) expired cream

When the cream expires, it can be used as a product to clean dirt. It can help you to clean up the stains on the leather goods or the front stains. It can also be used as a conditioner to maintain hair.

(4) expired facial cleanser

How do you deal with expired facial cleansers? Actually, expired facial cleansers still have functional ingredients, so you can use them as shower gel or for washing shoes.

(5) expired dry foundation

Foundation is a must-have when applying makeup. What about foundation expiration? There are still a lot of practical uses. You can put it in a bag and block it in the closet to remove moisture. It can also be used to handle water-soaked blankets.

In fact, cosmetics can be said that each woman has a lot of inventory, and when they expire, it is recommended not to throw away, many cosmetics have other wonderful uses. For example, the above cosmetics, facial cleanser can be used as a shower gel to bathe; dry foundation can block moisture; perfume can be used as an air cleaner and so on.

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