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Women do these four hair care operations and never lose hair again!
When it comes to hair loss, many people think of male baldness. In fact, women can easily lose hair. As long as you do a good job in hair care to avoid hair loss, how should you care for hair? Try these kinds of food.

Women do these four hair care operations and never lose hair again!

[Tips for women's daily hair care! ]

First: Less torture for hair loss

Do you know why many people are prone to hair loss? In fact, it is because of excessive use of hair. It can be said that many women choose various hair dyes or perms in order to be beautiful. However, when you perform a hair dye or perm, it will make the hair become weak, and it will easily cause hair damage and various conditions in the long term .

Second: Control the number of times you wash your hair

The occurrence of hair loss is also greatly related to frequent shampooing. Many people have cleansing habits, so they insist on washing their hair every day, or even wash their hair twice a day. However, when you wash your hair excessively, it will lead to the decline of hair fat and other hair problems, so it is recommended to control the frequency of washing your hair. Generally, it is most correct to wash your hair once every two or three days.

Third: diet

If you want to avoid hair loss, you need to make your hair healthier, so diet is the main method of hair care. In the diet, you can eat some protein and vitamin foods. These can ensure the nutrition of the hair, improve the metabolism of the hair, and avoid dry hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended to eat salmon, oysters and eggs And spinach and other food.

Fourth: multiple combs

In fact, many people know that they need to comb their hair every day, but they do n’t know that combing their hair is good for improving hair. Because when you comb your hair, it will stimulate the scalp, which will cause the scalp's blood to accelerate, and the hair will naturally be supplemented with nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to comb your hair with a wooden comb.

In fact, hair care is a daily must-do for women. So friends who want to have a hairdress may learn these hair care skills. They are your protectors of three thousand hairs.

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