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Women protect teeth, please pay attention to these five bad habits!
Everyone wants to have a good mouth, and healthy teeth can open up our appetite. However, because of their own habits and other factors, many people have their teeth damaged at young age, such as dental disease or looseness. Therefore, if you want to protect your teeth, you should stay away from these bad habits. Then let ’s simply share and see if you have these bad habits?

Women protect teeth, please pay attention to these five bad habits!

[These bad habits hurt the teeth]

First: open things with teeth

Many friends in life are used to using teeth to open things, such as plastic bags or wine bottles. Although this method brings convenience to you, but the teeth can not be tortured, it can easily cause teeth to break. Therefore, this behavior can cause great damage to the teeth, especially those who do it often are more likely to be injured.

Second: smoking

There are many women who smoke every day, so when you smoke, your teeth may cause diseases. This is not only yellow and black, but it can also cause oral cancer or lip cancer. .

Third: Eat ice cubes

Many people like to drink ice cold drinks, so ice cubes are stiff items, and they are still cold. When you rub ice cubes, it can easily cause tooth tissue to be irritated, which can lead to toothache and other conditions.

Fourth: carbonated drinks

Women who want to protect their teeth should stay away from carbonated beverages, because this type of audio can easily cause damage to the protective layer of the teeth, which will hurt the teeth.

Fifth: bad brushing habits

Brushing your teeth is a must-do in your daily life, but it wo n’t hurt your teeth if you do n’t brush your teeth. For example, if you brush too hard, your gums will crack or shrink. For example, brushing your teeth with cold water will cause dental pulp to bleed for a long time and cause various dental diseases.

The above are several common teeth-harmful behaviors, so if you want to protect your teeth, stay away from these behaviors, especially smoking and brushing your teeth. These two are the most typical.

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