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Four reasons cause frequent insomnia!
I believe that many friends have experienced insomnia, especially when lying in bed for an hour or two, what should I do? If you want to improve sleep, you must first understand the cause of insomnia, and then simply check it out Causes of frequent insomnia, see which is the culprit that causes your insomnia.

Four reasons cause frequent insomnia!

[Recurrent insomnia or these reasons]

First: strenuous exercise

Why do you often suffer from insomnia? It may be related to your exercise. In life, many friends will exercise at night, some people are for fitness and to help sleep. However, when you exercise too hard, not only will you not improve your sleep, but it will cause your brain to become too excited, leading to insomnia. Therefore, exercise at night should be appropriate, not too intense.

Second: have a supper habit

The emergence of insomnia is also related to diet. We all know that fullness at night is the best choice. However, some people are still busy or stay up late at night, so they have the habit of eating supper. Most people will go to bed after eating supper, and then the food they eat will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, causing blood to fail to flow to the brain and cause insomnia. Therefore, it is recommended to quit the habit of eating supper usually.

Third: Playing with mobile phones

Frequent insomnia is also related to bedtime before bedtime. Many friends lie in bed and play with mobile phones, and if you often play with mobile phones, you will forget the time, which will cause you to sleep late, which will lead to insomnia for a long time. It is recommended not to play with mobile phones before going to bed.

Fourth: drink tea

Many friends will relax at home properly at night, so they will have some tea or coffee. And drinking tea often causes brain excitement, which affects sleep. Before I went to bed, I drank tea, which caused me to go to bed two or three days in the morning, so I should change my tea drinking behavior before going to bed.

I believe that there are many friends who often suffer from insomnia in life, so do you ever think about your own insomnia? Generally speaking, the above are the main causes of insomnia, which belongs to you?

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