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How can I wash my hands effectively to prevent the flu virus?
Speaking of flu is also a condition that many people are afraid of, the spread of flu is extremely strong, so most people will actively prevent the flu. And most people know that washing their hands can help fight the flu. Is that really the case? Does washing your hands prevent the flu? Simply understand.

How can I wash my hands effectively to prevent the flu virus?

[Was frequent hand washing effective in preventing the flu?]

We all know that flu breaks out every year, and hand washing is a key prevention tool. So can the hand really be prevented? In fact, the hand is in contact with the dirtiest parts of the body. When the flu patient accidentally sneezes, saliva remains on the elevator button or the doorknob and the escalator, etc., at this time you When you touch these items, your hands will be infected with viruses, and in daily life, many people will use their hands to touch the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then bacteria will cause infections through these parts.

If you wash your hands after touching the doorknob or the elevator in time, you can wash away the bacteria and viruses in your hands, so you can say that washing your hands often can prevent the flu.

[How to wash my hands to be healthy everyday? ]

First, get your hands wet directly and use hand sanitizer or soap to apply to the wound. Rub the palms of your hands against your fingers.

Secondly, the palm of one hand is facing away from the other hand and the back of the hand is facing the finger seams to start scrubbing.

Then, the palms of the hands were rubbed against the hands, and then the thumbs and curved finger joints were cleaned.

Finally, clean your wrists and arms, swap your hands for cleaning.

In fact, when it comes to washing hands, many people will not cut it, because they wash their hands basically every day. So do you really wash your hands? In fact, most people wash their hands casually, but the real hand washing requires a lot of steps, and the above healthy hand washing methods can be tried. Spring is the season of high flu, and the weather changes very much, so if you accidentally get caught by the virus, you are advised to wash your hands frequently.

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