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Eating radish in winter is good for your health. Three cooking methods are recommended!
Which foods are most popular in winter, it is estimated that 90% of people will say Chinese cabbage and radish. There has been a saying about eating radishes in winter, and indeed there are many benefits to eating radishes in winter. So how to cook radish? Friends can learn to learn these practices, not only delicious and nutritious.

radish cake

Method 1: radish cake

Step 1: Prepare shrimp skin, white radish, flour, eggs, and salt and spring onion.

In the second step, the white radish is washed directly, peeled and shredded, and salted and marinated for half an hour, and the onions are directly cut into sections.

In the third step, prepare a bowl and stir the eggs, drain the radish directly, add the shrimp skin, spring onion, and flour to continue stirring.

In the fourth step, prepare the pan and heat it up. Cook the radish paste into a biscuit-like pan and cook. After cooking, you can cook.

radish in oyster sauce

Method 2: radish in oyster sauce

The first step is to prepare radish, oil, onion ginger, and oyster sauce, and then prepare teriyaki sauce and salt.

In the second step, the white radish is directly peeled and cut into pieces, and the onion ginger is directly sliced and cut into sections. Prepare the pot and boil it with water. Boil the white radish directly and remove it.

In the third step, prepare a wok and add oil to scallion ginger. Add the radish and stir-fry, and continue to cook with teriyaki sauce.

The fourth step, add appropriate water and cook directly on high heat. After boiling, simmer over low heat to add salt and oyster sauce, wait for the juice to come out of the pot.

Chicken Wing Root with Braised Radish

Method 3: Chicken Wing Root with Braised Radish

The first step is to prepare chicken wings, radish, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger garlic, oil and sugar.

The second step is to cook the chicken wings directly in a cold water pot, add cooking wine and ginger directly to the boil, remove and drain after boiling.

In the third step, peel the radish and cut into pieces, chop the garlic, and slice the ginger. Prepare the pan, heat it up, and boil the sugar in the pan.

The fourth step is to boil the chicken wings, add cooking wine, old soy sauce and radish, and finally add water to the boil. Then simmer for another half an hour and add garlic.

The above are some detailed methods of radish. Friends who want to eat radish in winter can try the above several methods.

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