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Three ways to cook bamboo shoots! very delicious!
There are many seasonal foods in winter, and winter bamboo shoots are one of them. Winter bamboo shoots can not only supplement various vitamins, but also help digestion, avoid diabetes and nourish liver and stomach, etc. Therefore, winter bamboo shoots must be eaten in winter. So how do you prepare the bamboo shoots? Try these methods.

Fried Bamboo Cake with Winter Bamboo Shoots

Method 1: Fried Bamboo Cake with Winter Bamboo Shoots

The first step is to prepare rice cakes, winter bamboo shoots, peanut oil, soy sauce, chives and salt.

In the second step, the rice cakes are directly cut into strips for use. After the bamboo shoots are processed, they are washed and shredded, and the shallots are directly chopped.

In the third step, prepare the pot, add water and boil directly, add salt, and boil the bamboo shoots directly in the pot.

In the fourth step, the water in the pot was boiled again, and the rice cakes were boiled and removed.

The fifth step is to prepare a wok for reheating, fry the frozen garlic in the wok and stir-fry the rice cakes. Add salt and raw soy sauce to continue frying. Finally, add the chives to the pan.

Fried winter bamboo shoots with sauerkraut

Practice 2: Fried winter bamboo shoots with sauerkraut

The first step is to prepare sauerkraut, green and red pepper, winter bamboo shoots, salt and garlic seedlings.

In the second step, the sauerkraut was washed directly, and it was shredded after being wrung. The winter bamboo shoots are also processed and chopped after washing. The garlic seedlings are also chopped.

In the third step, prepare the pan and sauerkraut and stir-fry it. Add the oil to stir fry and put the bamboo shoots in the pan.

The fourth step, stir-fry with red and green peppers and garlic seedlings, continue to stir-fry, add salt and season out.

sauce bamboo shoots

Practice three: sauce bamboo shoots

The first step is to prepare winter bamboo shoots, ham, dried beans and olive oil, and prepare cooking wine, soy sauce and sugar.

In the second step, the ham is directly processed and cut into pellets, the winter bamboo shoots are directly processed and cut into pieces, and the dried tofu is also cut into pellets for use.

The third step is to prepare a pan with olive oil, stir fry the winter bamboo shoots and ham directly, and cook with dried tofu.

The fourth step, add cooking wine, sugar and soy sauce and start cooking.

The above are some delicious methods of winter bamboo shoots. It is near the Spring Festival. You can learn to make them at home in the thirties. These methods are definitely simple and delicious.

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