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What do women eat in winter help fight the cold virus?
In cold winter, women are susceptible to colds because their physical fitness is poor and their ability to fight the virus is not so high. Therefore, as long as they are not careful about health care, they may be caught by the cold. In order to stay away from the cold virus, pay special attention to diet and regulate your health through diet. So what to eat against a cold virus? This recommends several cold food treatments, may wish to eat.

What do women eat in winter help fight the cold virus?

Dietetic method (1): radish and ginger soup

Prepare 50G of white radish, 25G of cleaned and peeled ginger, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Then wash and cut the white radishes into slices, and cut the ginger into filaments. Then wash the pot and pour in water, then add white radish and ginger to cook. After cooking for 15 minutes, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar until it melts. Finally, turn off the heat and filter the soup to drink. You can drink it once or twice. It helps prevent colds.

Dietetic method (2): Chinese cabbage and radish soup

Prepare 1 kg of cabbage heart, 120G of white radish, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Then clean them separately and cut them into pieces and pieces. Then add 800 ml of water to the pot and cook on high heat. After the soup is half-dried, pour in brown sugar and cook. Wait until it is saccharified. Take it twice after taking it out of the pan, and take it for three or four days to help cure the cold.

Therapeutic method (3): Onion white ginger soup

Prepare 30G of roots with light green onions, fresh ginger, and garlic cloves, and then clean and clean them all. After processing, put them in a bowl and grind them together. Then put it in a pot, pour 250 ml of water and boil over high heat. When the soup is over, you can turn off the heat and cook out. Take two doses each time. After drinking, go to the quilt and wait for the body to sweat slightly to cure the cold symptoms. Therefore, in the early stages of a cold, Harmony Onion Ginger Soup can be cured.

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