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Three ways to cook pork meat!
Pigs are delicious in our eyes. Some people like pork belly, pork trotters and lean meat, and many people like pork head meat. Pork meat is a very popular food, especially as an appetizer. Then how to make pork head meat? I will share with you a few delicious methods.

Three ways to cook pork meat!

Method 1: Saute the pork head

The first step is to buy cooked pork meat, red pepper, green beans, bamboo shoots, and garlic, and prepare watercress, red oil, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, and white sugar.

In the second step, slice the pork head directly. Garlic slices, pepper slices, chopped watercress for spare.

In the third step, prepare the pan and heat it up. Add garlic and watercress to the pan, and then add pork head, bamboo shoots, chili and green beans to the pan. Add some soy sauce and stir fry.

The fourth step is to add sugar and MSG directly after frying.

Method two: cold pork head

The first step is to prepare pork head, pepper powder, soy sauce, salt and MSG, and then add oily spicy seeds, sugar, chives, sesame oil and parsley.

In the second step, the pig's head meat is directly washed and cleaned, put in a pot and boiled with water, and chopped the shallot and parsley.

The third step is to wait until it is cooked and slice the pork head directly into a bowl. Then stir the soy sauce, hot pepper, sugar, peppercorn powder and salt MSG directly into the pot.

The fourth step is to add chives and parsley directly at the end.

Method three: clove pork head

The first step is to prepare pork head, soy sauce, rice wine and white sugar, and then prepare onion ginger, marinade and cloves.

In the second step, the pig head is directly immersed in water for treatment, and then washed well.

In the third step, prepare a pot and add water, then add rice wine, onion ginger, and pig head to start cooking directly. When the seven or eight is mature, the bone is directly removed.

The fourth step is to change the pot and add the pig head meat, marinade, soy sauce and sugar to the pot, and add the rice wine appropriately to boil.

Fifth step, change the cloves directly to the lid and cook for half an hour. After the meat is cooked, remove the cut pieces.

The above is the detailed method of several kinds of pork head meat. Xiao Bian wants to say that each course is extremely delicious, especially as the appetizer is more delicious, which is very suitable for the Spring Festival entertaining guests.

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