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Women learn how to cook these three snacks at home!
Recently, due to the relationship of new pneumonia, everyone is staying at home and it is going to mold. In fact, if you have nothing to do at home, you can try to make some snacks. Some snacks are not only delicious but also extremely simple. Here are a few simple and delicious snacks.

Sweet potato cake

Method 1: Sweet potato cake

Steps: First, buy sweet potatoes and eggs, and prepare flour and sugar. Secondly, the sweet potato was washed and cut into pieces, and then steamed in the pot. Then peel and mash the sweet potatoes directly, add sugar and flour and stir directly, then add the eggs and stir to form a cake. Finally, prepare the pan and heat it up, and fry the sweet potato cakes directly before they come out of the pan.

Potato cake

Method 2: Potato cake

Steps: Buy the beef, potatoes, eggs, and chives, and prepare the starch, soy sauce, and salt. Secondly, the potatoes are directly peeled, washed and put into a pot and cooked directly. Remove them and mash them directly for future use. Mince the beef directly, stir in soy sauce, eggs, spring onions, and starch. Then mash the mashed potatoes, add some salt and stir to make a cake. Finally, prepare the pan for refueling, and fry the pan directly into the pan.

Spicy Mushroom Egg Yolk

Method 3: Spicy Mushroom Egg Yolk

Steps: Buy the enoki mushroom, mushrooms, eggs, and onion ginger, and prepare chicken broth, salt and chicken essence. Secondly, the enoki mushrooms are directly removed from the tail and washed, and the mushrooms are directly cut into pieces, and the ginger is cut from the directly cut sections. Then boil the eggs directly and remove the yolks. Prepare the pot and boil with water. Boil the enoki mushrooms and mushrooms in the pot. Finally, prepare the pan and add oil to heat, then sauté the onion and ginger, then add the chicken broth, season with salt and chicken essence, and cook the enoki mushroom, mushroom and egg yolk for about two minutes.

The above are three extremely delicious snacks. I want to say that friends who are bored at home can try to make the above snacks to pass the time, and you can also increase the cooking skills. Come try them. Most of them are I like it very much.

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