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Three ways to cook bacon! very delicious! Come and learn!
Many people like to eat bacon in their daily life. Its main ingredient is pork belly. The average pork belly is considered to be too greasy, and the bacon made from pork belly is fatty but not greasy and extremely delicious. Here are some ways to make bacon, so you can learn to make them before the Spring Festival.

Changchun Bacon

Method 1: Changchun Bacon

The first step is to prepare pork belly, onion ginger, garlic, white sugar, soy sauce, salt and cooking wine.

The second step is to prepare the spices: star anise, amomum, cumin, tangerine peel, sage ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, peony and grass fruit, and then prepare the quince and cinnamon and peppercorns

In the third step, the pork belly is directly washed and cut into large pieces, soaked in water for half an hour, prepare a pot and add water to heat, boil pork belly and remove it for later use.

The fourth step, prepare the pot and add water, add spices, soy sauce, salt, and onion, ginger, and garlic to heat directly. Stew the pork belly for 90 minutes. Remove the pot and place on the smoker pot. Heat and smoke.

Beijing Bacon

Method 2: Beijing Bacon

In the first step, prepare pork belly, salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, caster sugar, ginger, peppercorn, onion ginger, star anise and cinnamon, and finally prepare red yeast rice.

In the second step, the pork belly is cut into pieces, and the salt is directly put into the frozen salting. Treat the shallots, ginger and garlic and set aside.

In the third step, prepare the pot and add water to cook the pork belly for 60 minutes. Add the salt-smelling master, and then the pork belly. Add pepper, cinnamon, anise, and onion ginger to continue cooking.

In the fourth step, directly add cooking wine and red yeast rice after boiling for 60 minutes. Stir the white sugar in a simmering pot and add MSG and stir.

The fifth step, put the pork belly directly into the scented drawer, and directly simmer for ten minutes.

Li Liangui Bacon

Method 3: Li Liangui Bacon

The first step is to prepare the pork belly, green onion ginger salt, soy sauce and cooked nitrate, and then add sugar, cooking wine and salt.

In the second step, prepare the spices: star anise, peppercorns, tangerine peel, amomum, ginger, peony, grass fruit, cumin and cloves.

In the third step, cut the pork belly into pieces of appropriate size, and soak for 30 minutes before boiling.

In the fourth step, add water to the pot and cook the onion ginger, cooked nitrate, salt, cooking wine, salt and spices. Boil the pork belly and remove it.

Fifth step, prepare the pan to be heated and add sugar, put pork belly on the smoke drawer and cover the pot with smoke for a few minutes, then brush the sesame oil.

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