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Female white-collar workers can prevent computer radiation by eating these three dishes!
In life, we all face various kinds of radiation, especially office workers often face computers, and the radiation is extremely serious. How does a female white-collar worker protect against radiation? In fact, many of the recipes have anti-radiation effects and other nutritional values are very high, so a few of them are simply recommended below.

Pearl Fresh Soup

Recipe 1: Pearl Fresh Soup

The first step is to buy chicken breasts, carrots, peas, tomatoes and eggs, and prepare salt and starch.

In the second step, the peas were washed directly for use, the carrots were peeled and diced, and the tomatoes were washed and diced for use. The chicken breast was washed and minced, and the eggs were removed from the yolks and left to stir.

In the third step, stir the chicken breast with egg whites and starch. Prepare the pot, add peas, carrots, and tomatoes, and cook with water.

The fourth step is to put the chicken breast directly into the pot a little bit, and then season with salt.

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

Recipe 2: Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

The first step is to buy tomatoes, eggs, onion ginger and milk, and prepare water starch, salt sugar, sesame oil and soy sauce.

In the second step, the tomatoes are washed and cut in half, and then sliced. Prepare the pot and boil with water. Cook the tomatoes, salt, and oil in a wok.

In the third step, the eggs are directly broken and stirred. Add salt and milk to continue stirring.

The fourth step is to prepare the pan with oil and heat it up, fry the eggs directly and fry the tomatoes, fry the tomatoes with proper water, fry the salt and sugar and soy sauce, and stir-fry the onions and ginger. After that, it is ready to pan.

Kelp Rice Congee

Recipe 3: Kelp Rice Congee

The first step is to prepare kelp, japonica rice, tangerine peel, monosodium glutamate, salt and sesame oil.

In the second step, the kelp was directly soaked and shredded. The rice was washed and soaked for 30 minutes, and the rind was soaked in water.

In the third step, prepare the pot and add water to place the kelp, rice, and rind directly into the pot. Boil it first, and then cook it with low heat to cook porridge. Finally add salt MSG and sesame oil and stir.

The above are three more radiation-proof recipes suitable for female white-collar workers. If you face the computer all day, these recipes are your choice.

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