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Usually eat these three recipes to prevent cancer!
The most feared thing in life is not loneliness but cancer. In recent years, the number of cancers has been increasing, causing many people to worry about being entangled with cancer. In fact, there are many ways to prevent cancer, such as dietary prevention. Eat more anti-cancer recipes in normal times, then cancer will not be easy to find, here are a few simple cancer recipes to let you easily fight cancer.

Stewed Pigeon with Ginseng

Recipe 1: Stewed Pigeon with Ginseng

The first step is to prepare the pigeons, ginseng, jade bamboo, red dates and ginger.

In the second step, the young pigeons are directly processed and washed, and the prepared pot is boiled with water, and the young pigeons are boiled for 100 seconds and removed.

In the third step, the Yuzhu ginseng was washed directly for use, and the ginger was sliced directly.

In the fourth step, prepare the pot and add water to bring the pigeons, red dates, ginseng and yuzhu, and ginger out of the pot. Boil directly, and then simmer for 120 minutes with Wuhu.

Fried Broccoli with Pleurotus eryngii

Recipe 2: Fried Broccoli with Pleurotus eryngii

The first step is to buy Pleurotus eryngii, broccoli, and onion ginger, then prepare oyster sauce, cooking wine soy sauce, and sugar and salt.

In the second step, the Pleurotus eryngii is directly processed and sliced, the broccoli is directly washed with a small flower, and the onion and ginger are cut into sections.

In the third step, prepare the pot and add water to heat it. Add salt. Boil the Pleurotus eryngii in the pot for 100 seconds and remove it. Boil the broccoli directly in the pot and remove it after changing color.

In the fourth step, prepare the pan and heat it up. Add the onion ginger to the pan and stir-fry. Then fry the Pleurotus eryngii.

The fifth step, add cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce and water appropriately, stir the sugar in the pot, and fry the broccoli.

Sweet Potato Porridge

Recipe 3: Sweet Potato Porridge

The first step is to prepare sweet potatoes, rice, millet and red dates.

In the second step, the red dates are washed and soaked in water, the large and small rice are washed and soaked in water, and the sweet potatoes are directly washed and cut into pieces.

In the third step, prepare a pot, add water, mahjong, and sweet potatoes to the pot, add red dates to cook for half an hour, and then cook the large and small rice.

I would like to say that cancer is not terrible. In daily life, as long as you do a good job of preventing life and diet, you will not be ridden. The above three are anti-cancer effects. Those who want to fight cancer can learn to eat at home.

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