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9 months old baby can eat these three complementary food recipes!
We all know that the baby's complementary food is very important, and the complementary food recipes will change every month. Then I introduced the eight-month baby's complementary food recipe. Today, I will introduce the complementary food for 9-month baby. Noodles, noodles are relatively easy to digest and are very suitable for babies.

Egg Noodle Soup

Recipe 1: Egg Noodle Soup

The first step is to buy two eggs, a dish of greens and flour, and prepare salt and MSG.

In the second step, place the flour directly in the bowl and break the eggs directly into it. Stir in some water to form the dough. Make it into slices and cut into strips.

In the third step, the vegetables are directly washed and cut into spares. Prepare the wok with water and boil directly. Put the sliced dough directly into the pot. After cooking, add vegetables to continue cooking. Add salt MSG as appropriate.

Winter Melon Minced Meat Soup

Recipe 2: Winter Melon Minced Meat Soup

The first step is to buy winter melon, pork, and dragon whisk noodles, and prepare light, vegetable oil and salt.

In the second step, the melon is washed directly, peeled and cut into pieces. Prepare the pot and add water to heat it. Boil the melon in the pot and remove. Boil the noodles directly in the wok and cut them for use.

The third step is to wash the pork directly and cut it into pieces.

In the fourth step, prepare a cooking pot and add the lean meat, melon and noodles to the pot, and add the clear soup and cook on high heat. After boiling, simmer over low heat and season with salt.

Cold Chicken Noodles

Recipe 3: Cold Chicken Noodles

The first step is to prepare the noodles, chicken, carrots, spinach and eggs.

In the second step, the chicken is washed and cooked, and the carrots are directly peeled and chopped, and the spinach is directly washed and chopped, and the eggs are directly broken and stirred for use.

In the third step, prepare the pan and broth to cook the noodles, then add the chicken, carrots, and spinach to the pan. Add the eggs and stir after cooking. Then simmer in the low heat and wait for cooling.

The above is the detailed method of the 9-month-old baby's complementary food recipes. Baomas can learn more. You need to know that complementary foods are one of the sources of nutrition for your baby, and noodles and chicken are a lot of vitamins, protein and calcium, so they are very suitable for babies.

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