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How to eat bacon is the healthy way?
When it comes to bacon, many friends will think of some festivals, because they eat bacon every year. However, whether bacon will affect health is very controversial, especially whether it will cause cancer. Let ’s just take you to talk about those things about bacon, and take everyone to understand the bacon in detail.

Does bacon cause cancer?

Does bacon cause cancer?

We all know that some daily diets are carcinogenic, such as grilled or preserved foods. Bacon is a kind of preserved food, so many people think that bacon is carcinogenic. Is that true? In fact, this is based on the substances contained in bacon. Bacon contains carcinogens, mainly nitrites. This substance is fatal to the gastrointestinal and esophagus as well as the large intestine and has a risk of causing cancer.

How should bacon be eaten to be healthy?

However, you should know that nitrite does not accumulate in the body, and only one ingestion of more than 200mg of nitrite may be poisoned. For normal bacon, the content will not be so high, unless the business exceeds the standard, of course, the long-term use risk is still great.

How should bacon be eaten to be healthy?


In fact, bacon has a carcinogenic risk mainly due to nitrite, but this substance can be diluted in water. So friends who want to eat bacon can soak bacon in water in advance. If you haven't done so in advance, you can choose to use boiled water for cooking.

How to cook bacon?


In fact, there are many ways to prepare bacon, so how to eat is the healthiest? Xiao Bian suggested that stir-fried or braised and steamed. For the fried or fried, it is likely to induce new carcinogens, so this type of practice should be eaten less.

3. Food matching

Naturally, when making bacon, a great combination of ingredients is indispensable. Which food is more suitable? In fact, it can be used with fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content, because vitamin C can inhibit nitrite and reduce the occurrence of carcinogens.

Common practice of baco

Common practice of bacon.

Method 1: Dry Pot Bacon

Steps: Prepare potatoes, red peppers, bacon, onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, cooking wine and watercress, then add sugar. Slice and wash the potatoes directly, slice the bacon with peppers, and chop the ginger and garlic. Then prepare the pan and reheat it directly. Fry the potatoes directly into the pan and remove them. Add the appropriate oil and stir fry the watercress. Add the bacon and stir-fry the onion ginger garlic and red pepper. Stir fry. The potatoes are out of the pot. Add the cooking wine, soy sauce, and sugar to fry.

Method 2: Fried bacon with dried beans

Steps: Prepare bacon, dried beans, garlic sprouts, peppers, garlic, and oyster sauce and oil. Next, clean the dried bacon, prepare the pan and add the oil to the pan, and remove the dried bacon. Then bacon and garlic are directly fried in the wok, and the garlic sprouts are continued to fry. Finally, add the dried tofu and oyster sauce. Just boil the juice.

These are the things about bacon. Bacon is still carcinogenic. It is recommended to eat less. And pay attention to how you eat bacon.

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