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Three ways to cook lamb chops!
Many people like to eat mutton in daily life, so do you have a soft spot for lamb chops? In fact, lamb chops have many effects, can prevent asthma, anemia, impotence and chills, etc., so Xiaobian recommends that you can eat more. How do you prepare the lamb chops? May wish to learn the following methods.

Salted Lamb Chops

Method 1: Salted Lamb Chops

The first step is to buy lamb chops, shallots, green and red peppers, and ginger, and prepare cinnamon, grass fruit, star anise, fragrant leaves and salt and pepper.

In the second step, chop the green onion, ginger and garlic directly, the green and red peppers, and the lamb chops.

The third step is to prepare a pot and add water, and then put the lamb chops into the pot, add cooking wine, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, grass fruit and fragrant leaves to start cooking.

The fourth step is to cook the lamb chops after draining for 60 minutes and drain them. Change the pan and add the green and red peppers and ginger and garlic to stir-fry. Then add the lamb chops to the pan and add the pepper and salt to sprinkle onion.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Honey Sauce

Method 2: Grilled Lamb Chops with Honey Sauce

The first step is to prepare lamb chops, chicken powder, cooking wine, soy sauce, thirteen incense, old soy sauce, cumin and honey.

The second step is to wash the lamb chops directly, add cooking wine, raw chicken powder and stir to taste.

The third step is to take out the foil and wrap the lamb chops directly. Then open the oven and grill. Ten minutes later, take out the seasoning with the old soy bee and raw soy sauce.

Red Lamb Chops

Practice 3: Red Lamb Chops

In the first step, prepare the lamb chops, potatoes, carrots, onions, and onion ginger garlic cooking wine, and prepare tomato sauce, soy sauce, braised soy sauce, sugar and salt, and oil.

In the second step, the lamb chops were directly cut into pieces, soaked in water, the potatoes and carrots were washed and cut into pieces, and the onions were sliced directly. Slice onion and ginger for future use.

In the third step, add oil to the pan and heat it up, stir fry the lamb chops, and add the onion, ginger and garlic to the pan.

The fourth step is to add boiling water, add salt, sugar, raw soy sauce and braised soy sauce to the pot, and then pour the tomato sauce to cook.

The fifth step is to boil the potatoes and carrots and add the onions.

The above are the detailed methods of several home-made lamb chops. Xiaobian would like to say that friends who love lamb chops can come and learn these methods.

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