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Recommend three papaya recipes to help women breast enhancement!
Many people in life choose to eat breasts, and papaya is definitely the first choice. Papaya breast enhancement is recognized, do you know how papaya eats breast enhancement? Today, I will briefly introduce a few papaya breast enhancement recipes, so that you can improve your breasts while ensuring nutritional intake.

Braised Fish with Papaya

Recipe 1: Braised Fish with Papaya

The first step is to buy a strip of fish, a papaya, and an appropriate amount of onion and ginger, and prepare soy sauce and vinegar.

In the second step, the papaya is directly peeled and washed, and the seeds are sliced. The strip fish was directly processed and cut into sections, and the onion ginger was directly chopped and cut into flowers.

The third step is to prepare a stew pan with strip fish, papaya, and water to start the stew. After the strip fish is cooked, add soy sauce, onion ginger, and vinegar.

Braised Ribs in Papaya

Recipe 2: Braised Ribs in Papaya

The first step is to buy the ribs, papaya and ginger, and prepare the peel and salt.

The second step is to peel the papaya directly, wash it, cut it into pieces, cut the ribs into pieces, prepare the pot with water and boil, and cook the ribs for a few minutes. , Ginger is sliced directly.

The third step is to take out the saucepan and add water, add the papaya, pork ribs, and ginger directly to the pot. Boil it first, and then simmer for about 150 minutes with salt and heat.

Stewed Pork Feet with Papaya

Recipe 3: Stewed Pork Feet with Papaya

The first step is to buy soy beans, pork feet, papaya, salt and MSG.

The second step is to wash the soybeans directly and soak them in water. It is recommended to soak for about 200 minutes.

In the third step, the pig's feet were directly washed and cleaned, and the papaya was directly peeled and seeded. After washing, it was cut into pieces.

The fourth step is to add water to the boiled pig's feet directly into the wok. Wait for the soybeans to boil directly. After about eight ripe, the papaya is directly cooked, and continue to stew. Finally, add salt and simmer to cook.

The solid wood melon breast enhancement is clear to everyone, so many young friends will buy papaya to go back to breast enhancement. But there are a lot of papaya breast enhancement methods. Friends can come and try the above recipes. The method is simple and nutritious.

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