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Four recipes for tuberculosis patients!
Everyone has heard of tuberculosis, which is a chronic disease. Patients can easily cause malnutrition and lead to decreased immunity. Therefore, dietary supplements are important. So how to eat tuberculosis relief? Try these recipes.

Lotus Seed Lean Broth

Recipe 1: Lotus Seed Lean Broth

How to do it: First prepare lotus seeds, lilies, pork, salt and MSG. Then the pork was directly washed and cut into pieces, and the lotus seeds were washed first and soaked for 60 minutes in advance. Finally, prepare the pot and add water, add the lotus seeds, lean meat and lily directly to the pot, simmer it over medium heat, and add salt MSG.

Digupi Lao Duck Soup

Recipe 2: Digupi Lao Duck Soup

Method: First prepare the duck and ground bone, ginger and condiments. Then the old duck was simply cleaned directly, the ground skin was washed, and the ginger was sliced directly. Finally, take out the stew pot and add water. Boil the old duck as well as the ground bone and ginger directly into the pot. After the stew is cooked, remove the ground bone and season with salt MSG.

Recipe 3: Pig lung stewed peanuts

Method: First prepare the pig lungs, peanuts, rice wine, and condiments to clean the pig lungs directly. It is recommended to cook in the pot first, then deodorize and then cut into pieces. Wash the peanuts directly and soak them in water. Finally, prepare a stew pot, add water, boil the pork lungs and peanuts directly in the pot, simmer for 60 minutes on a low fire, add the rice wine to the boil for 60 minutes, and season with salt.

Yam Tremella Porridge

Recipe 4: Yam Tremella Porridge

Method: First prepare lily, yam, white fungus, rice and rock sugar. First cut the lily directly, peel the yam directly, wash it, and cut it into pieces. Wash the white fungus for later use. After washing the rice directly, put it in the pot. Then boil the white fungus and add water to start simmering for 30 minutes. Then boil the lily yam and continue to simmer for half an hour. Add the rock sugar after cooking.

The above are some recipes that tuberculosis must eat. I want to say that the effects of these recipes are good. For example, yam fungus porridge has conditioning effects on respiratory diseases, so it is recommended that patients learn more about these recipes.

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