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Women eating these three recipes can effectively treat gastroenteritis!
How do you treat yourself with gastroenteritis? Most patients will choose drug conditioning. In fact, diet conditioning is the best choice. How does the diet regulate gastroenteritis? Try these recipes below.

Chen Pei Radish Soup

Recipe 1: Tangerine skin Radish Soup

The first step is to buy white radish, tangerine peel, haw, coriander and salt.

The second step is to peel the white radish directly and cut into pieces after washing. Wash coriander, tangerine peel and hawthorn directly in water.

In the third step, add water to the pot and boil directly. Put the white radish, tangerine peel, and hawthorn directly into the pot. After simmering at high heat, cook over low heat, then add salt and sprinkle with coriander.

Braised Tofu with Ling Meat

Recipe 2: Braised Tofu with Ling Meat

The first step is to prepare the meat and mushrooms. Tofu also has salt MSG and sesame oil.

In the second step, the meat is directly washed and cut into pieces, the mushrooms are cut into pieces, and the tofu is cut into pieces for use.

In the third step, the wok is heated and oiled. The meat is directly fried in the wok and drained. Add oil to the hot pot and continue to heat up. Add ginger to the pot and add the tofu.

The fourth step, then add water, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and salt, cook with MSG, and drizzle with sesame oil.

Red Date Duck

Recipe 3: Red Date Duck

The first step is to buy duck, red dates, onion ginger, wet starch, rice wine, salt and MSG.

The second step is to heat the wok directly and add the duck meat to the pan when it is 80% hot. Add the jujube, ginger, spring onion and rice wine, and add salt to simmer for 120 minutes. Diced. Put it on the pot for future use and put it directly on it.

The third step is to remove the onion ginger and MSG seasoning, and finally use the wet starch to directly hook it and pour it on the duck.

In fact, for gastroenteritis, it is most afraid of cold, and the harm is extremely high. Therefore, patients need even treatment. If you have gastroenteritis, you can try these three conditioning recipes. Diet conditioning is just one of them. A combination of treatments is the most effective.

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