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Recipes to help women lose weight postpartum!
Postpartum weight loss is something that many women do, because they eat more during pregnancy, and their bodies will become bloated after birth. At this time, women will want to lose weight, after all, no woman is willing to become a fat. Xiao Bian reminded that you can lose weight through diet, that is, you can cook a diet meal. Here are a few recipes for postpartum weight loss recipes. For those who want to lose weight, please come and see.

The practice of postpartum weight loss recipes.

The practice of postpartum weight loss recipes.

First, soy with kelp

Prepare the right amount of soy beans, kelp, star anise, ginger, and sesame seeds. Then wash the soybeans into a pot and soak in heated water for 3 hours. After that, the kelp was also washed and put into another pot, soaked in water for half an hour, soaked and removed, cut into 4 cm long sections for later use. After the ingredients are ready, put all the ingredients in the pot, add the right amount of water, cook soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar for 20 minutes. After the soup is dried, you can put the dishes on the plate and eat. This recipe is very suitable for pregnant women with constipation problems, because it is high in fiber, it helps to defecate and reduces belly.

shrimp and vegetable soup

2. Fish, shrimp and vegetable soup

Prepare the right amount of grass shrimp, grass fillet, white radish, and carrots. Then remove the prawns from the prawn line and wash them. After they are washed, put them in a pan and fry them in oil for later use. Then wash and peel both radishes and cut into large pieces for later use. Then wash the pan and pour an appropriate amount of water into the pan, then pour radish pieces and fish fillets together and simmer. After the radishes are boiled, pour in the fried grass prawns. Finally, after the soup is boiled again, add the seasoning and you can eat. This soup is low in calories, high in cellulose, and full. For women who want to lose weight, eating it is perfect.

The practice of postpartum weight loss recipes.

If the mother wants to lose weight on the diet, in addition to choosing the right food, she must also pay attention to controlling her appetite. It is enough for one person to have enough nutrients after childbirth, so don't eat too much. Eat three meals a day at regular time intervals. Do not eat snacks and supper often. Otherwise, excessive intake will lead to excessive nutrition and obesity.

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