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Recommend three Hanamaki easy to make at home!
Pasta is more popular in the north, so various pasta cultures are extremely strong. A variety of pasta ideas are emerging, and Hanamaki is a very typical one. How to make the Hanamaki? Try these recipes, which are not only simple but also delicious.

Two-color flower roll

Method 1: Two-color flower roll

The first step is to prepare three ingredients: purple potato, flour and yeast.

In the second step, the flour is directly divided into two parts, and the purple potato is directly mashed.

In the third step, first add the purple potato flour into the yeast and stir to form a dough, then add the remaining flour with water and yeast to form a dough, and ferment it in a warm place.

In the fourth step, two doughs are rolled into a sheet directly, and the two kinds are superimposed together and rolled up and cut into sections. Put it in the steamer and steam it.

Pumpkin flower roll

Method 2: Pumpkin flower roll

The first step is to prepare the flour, pumpkin, sugar and yeast.

In the second step, the pumpkin is directly peeled, seeded, cooked, and mashed. Divide the flour into two sides, add pumpkin sugar and water to stir to form dough, and add water sugar and yeast to stir.

In the third step, the two doughs are directly rolled into slices, which are rolled up and cut into sections, which can be directly steamed in a steamer.

walnut flower rolls

Practice three: walnut flower rolls

The first step is to prepare peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin puree, flour and yeast.

In the second step, the walnuts are directly roasted and mashed. The flour is divided into two groups, while adding water and pumpkin and yeast, and adding water and yeast to form a dough.

The third step is to roll the dough directly into an oval, apply the white dough directly to the oil, place the pumpkin dough directly on it, sprinkle the walnuts on it, roll it up to make a long slice, and make it into your favorite shape Steam in the pot.

The above are the detailed methods of several delicious Hanamakis. I would like to say that Hanamakis are not only simple to make, but also very suitable for breakfast. Have you learned them? Maybe check them out.

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