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Women's kidney deficiency eat three recipes can make up!
Once a woman has kidney deficiency, it can lead to insomnia, dreams, fat loss, and apathy. Therefore, the kidney deficiency should promptly tonify the kidney. What can a woman with kidney deficiency eat? In fact, diet is the best way of conditioning. Today, I will briefly introduce several recipes for kidney deficiency.

Fried chicken with lotus seeds

Method 1: Fried chicken with lotus seeds

The first step is to buy chicken breasts, lotus seeds, ham and cantaloupe, and prepare eggs, starch and salt MSG.

In the second step, the chicken breast is washed and cut into cubes. The lotus seeds are directly cored and washed, and steamed in the pot. Immerse the shiitake mushrooms in water for later use, and cut the ham directly.

In the third step, prepare the pan and heat it up. Boil the chicken, then add the lotus seeds, shiitake mushrooms, and ham. Then you can add salt and MSG to the pan.

Rose trotters

Method 2: Rose trotters

The first step is to prepare the trotters and roses. Hawthorn and rice wine. Ginger also has brown sugar and salt.

In the second step, the trotters were washed directly and cut into pieces. Slice the ginger directly, wash the hawthorn and roses directly for future use.

The third step is to prepare a saucepan and add water, and boil the trotters, hawthorn, roses, ginger, and rice wine. Bring it to a high heat and simmer for 120 minutes. Pork trotters, add salt to continue cooking, I will add sugar to season and wait for the juice to be collected.

Tea-tree mushroom stewed chicken soup

Method 3: Tea-tree mushroom stewed chicken soup

The first step is to buy tea mushrooms, chicken, green onion ginger, star anise and peppercorns, and prepare white sugar, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine and soy sauce.

The second step is to soak the tea tree mushrooms in the water, remove the shell directly, cut the chicken directly and wash it, and cut the onion and ginger into sections.

In the third step, add water to the pot and boil directly. Boil the chicken for a few minutes and remove it. Heat up the wok, add the onion ginger, star anise and pepper to the pot.

The fourth step is to fry the chicken directly into the wok, then add the raw soy sauce, sugar, and cooking wine and stir-fry.

Fifth step, add water to start cooking, first boil on high heat and simmer for about half an hour, add salt and green onion.

What can a woman with kidney deficiency eat? In fact, these foods are good choices. When you need kidney, these recipes can help you.

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