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Five recipes can effectively improve your cough!
Cough is a familiar condition. Some people may have a cough due to a cold or getting angry. So how to treat the cough is the most effective? In fact, the appearance of cough is the best way to adjust the diet. Friends can improve it by some recipes for diet. Today, I will simply share it.

Fried eggs with vinegar

Recipe 1: Fried eggs with vinegar

First, prepare the eggs, rice vinegar, and sugar. Next, break the eggs directly into the bowl and stir for later use. Prepare a wok. Then put the vinegar in the pan and heat it up, and fry the eggs directly. After cooking, remove and adjust according to personal taste.

Recipe 2: Rock Sugar Peanut Soup

First, prepare groundnuts, rock sugar, and water. Second, wash the groundnuts directly. Then prepare the pot and add water, and place the groundnuts directly into the pot. Finally, add rock sugar and cook for about 30 minutes.

Stewed Pear with Mushrooms

Recipe 3: Stewed Pear with Mushrooms

First, buy the three ingredients: Yali, winter mushrooms, and rock sugar. Next, the pears were directly peeled, put into a juicer and squeezed, and the melon was washed and sliced. Then prepare the pan and add pear juice, winter melon and proper water for cooking. Finally, stew the rock sugar in the pot and serve immediately.

Recipe 4: Honey Steamed Lily

First, prepare two ingredients, lily and honey. Then process the lily directly and wash it. Prepare a steamer and cook with water, prepare a bowl, stir lily and honey. Finally, put it in the steamer and start cooking for about 60 minutes.

Luo Han Guo soaks water

Recipe five: Luo Han Guo soaks water

First, prepare Luo Han Guo, drinking glass and boiling water. Then the Luo Han Guo was washed and cut directly, and it was put into a water glass. Then pour in boiling water and drink repeatedly.

In fact, most of the cough appears to be abnormal in the body, so after your symptomatic treatment, you can use dietetic remedies to regulate it, and the above few remedies are the best choices. They can alleviate your throat discomfort. Let's try it.

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