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Three ways to cook egg pancakes!
We all know that breakfast is the most important thing, and many people do not know how to choose breakfast. In fact, you can eat omelet for breakfast. This kind of cuisine is not only simple and nutritious. So how to make the quiche? Try these.

Leek Egg Cake

Method 1: Leek Egg Cake

The first step is to prepare leeks, eggs, flour, thirteen incense, and oil and salt.

In the second step, the leeks are directly cleaned and shredded. Pour the eggs straight in and stir.

In the third step, add the flour and stir, then add thirteen incense and appropriate water to make a batter.

The fourth step is to prepare the pan with oil and heat it up. Put the batter directly into the pan and cook.

tomato quiche

Method two: tomato quiche

The first step is to prepare eggs, flour, tomatoes, canola and oil and salt.

In the second step, prepare the bowl, break the eggs directly and stir in the bowl. Wash the tomatoes directly, add water to the pot and boil. Wash the rapeseed and chop it directly.

In the third step, stir the flour into the eggs, then stir in the tomatoes and rape to make a paste.

In the fourth step, prepare the pan and add oil to heat it directly. Put the paste directly into the pan and cook it into a cake.

Celery Egg Cake

Method 3: Celery Egg Cake

The first step is to prepare celery, flour, eggs, milk, oil and salt, and prepare pepper and chicken essence.

In the second step, take the leaves of celery directly, wash them and chop them, place them in a bowl, add eggs, stir in some milk, pepper, and salt to form a paste.

In the third step, prepare the pan and heat it up. Put the batter directly into the pan and cook it.

In fact, quiche is very common in breakfast. Many friends buy quiche and soy milk every day. So I want to say that egg pie can also be made at home. The above are some detailed methods about several types of egg pie. Friends who want to try can come to learn. It is easy to learn and time period, it is suitable for office workers.

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