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Woman masturbates to break hymen?
In fact, we all know a little about life, that is, men tend to masturbate more often. In fact, for those women who do not have sex, they also have masturbation, and this masturbation is especially suitable for their physical needs . Regarding women's masturbation, a few questions that have attracted everyone's attention, you can see the answers.

Woman masturbates to break hymen?

1. Can a woman orgasm have orgasm?

Of course, women ’s masturbation is not very different from men ’s masturbation, and women ’s sensitivity to their own body is better than men ’s, and they know how much strength they can withstand. When masturbating, if you can relax enough, then generally, some stimulating behaviors that are particularly easy to gain pleasure are more confident. Therefore, almost half of the women masturbating can reap the climax.

2. Can a woman's masturbation break the hymen?

There are many methods and techniques for women's masturbation, but you don't necessarily need to put some objects into your vagina to rub. If you can grasp your sensitive parts in time, and rub and stimulate these parts, then generally such masturbation will achieve the sexual effect you want. As long as you do not explore and stimulate your vagina too much, the hymen will generally not be harmed. If you are a woman who often masturbates, you should also pay attention to protecting your hymen.

3. Is there a big difference between masturbation and real sexual intercourse?

Many women can persist for a short time when masturbating, and sometimes the irritation sometimes comes slowly because they can't let go. This and the direct genital touching and caressing between men and women will naturally have some differences, but from the perspective of the final results, whether it is women masturbation or real sexual intercourse, the benefits it can bring to women are It is similar, of course, it is good for women's psychophysiology.

Women should not exclude masturbation. If you do not have a sexual partner but have sexual needs, masturbation is your best solution.

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