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Low back pain after pregnancy is generally unavoidable, mostly caused by these aspects!
Many women will feel backache and backache after pregnancy, and this usually starts from the moment you are pregnant. Some people feel stronger at the beginning, and some of them are in the second trimester. It will be more serious. In short, almost all women will feel backache when they are pregnant, just the difference in degree. That's right, it's the pregnancy that makes your waist sore, not your own waist itself.

Low back pain after pregnancy is generally unavoidable, mostly caused by these aspects!

1. Hormone change

In fact, after you are pregnant, the biggest change in your body is not your appearance, but your hormones. For women, these hormones are the direct regulation of "nutrition" by various organs. When your nutrition changes, After that, there will be changes in your body organs. At this time, especially your uterine location, you will always feel a little sore, and this feeling will continue to spread to your waist and back, which is a bit like the discomfort of auntie Usually you will have it in the first two months of pregnancy.

2. Weight gain

As your belly grows larger and your amniotic fluid increases, although the increase in the fetus is slower, after the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus will also increase a lot. The sense of gravity in the abdomen will make you unconsciously support your waist when walking, so your back pain at this time is actually that your waist is too tired, and your weight itself has increased a lot. This kind of pressure generally applies to your waist Now, most of the pregnant women will have back pain at this time.

3. Body posture

When a pregnant mother has a big belly, when you sleep, you usually pay special attention to the sleeping position. Generally, you are afraid of pressing your own belly, or you are worried that the fetus will be hypoxic because of your posture. Therefore, you are particularly uncomfortable when you are sleeping, and you cannot move around constantly. Therefore, the longer the month, the more tired you sleep. At this time, the most uncomfortable thing is definitely your waist and back. The kind of uncomfortable feeling after being fixed for a long time.

4. Back pain during pregnancy can be so relieved

Generally, this kind of back pain can't be avoided. The best way for you during pregnancy is to adjust your mood a lot, so that you can calmly face this kind of physical discomfort and reduce the negative emotions from the mind. At the same time, you need to move around and exercise properly to increase your physical flexibility, and you need to reduce excessive weight gain.

A woman's low back pain after pregnancy is such annoying, but you can't avoid it directly. These conditions usually disappear by themselves after giving birth.

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