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Is your private part healthy? Just make four comparisons!
For women, one of the most sensitive topics is naturally the health of our private parts. If you want to have a grasp of the health of your private parts, then the easiest thing is to check the details of your private parts yourself. In fact, the health of the vagina You can make a comparison of yourself. For example, if you compare the four aspects yourself, you can generally know if you are healthy.

Is your private part healthy? Just make four comparisons!

Contrast 1: Leucorrhea

In fact, the most direct health manifestation of a woman's private parts is your leucorrhea condition. For example, the most normal leucorrhea of ​​a woman is the transparent egg white state, but when your leucorrhea changes in various colors, or It's a change in state, so it means that your private parts have either inflammation or other gynecological diseases. After all, the health of a woman's private parts is reflected by the secretion of leucorrhea, so if you can make a correct comparison and grasp of leucorrhea, you can know in time whether you have vaginitis or the like.

Contrast 2: Humidity

In addition, there is a particularly obvious contrast. You can know that it is about women's sexual life. When you are in sex, generally when you have a simple foreplay, you only need to enter the state slightly. Then, there will be secretion of love fluid in your vagina, and at this time, your vagina will keep getting wet. However, on the contrary, if you have very little secretion of this love fluid in sex, or the inside of the vagina is always dry, then not only will your sex quality be poor, but your vaginal health will also be in general. .

Contrast 3: Smell

In winter, because there are more clothes to wear, the vaginal taste perception is weak. When we go to the toilet and squat down, you can feel the vaginal taste well, and this perception of taste can actually be Judge vaginal health. The normal vaginal smell is usually a little fishy, ​​but not stinky. When you smell your vagina always smelly, foul or fishy smell, it means that your vagina must have inflammation, in addition, it may be gynecological disease, which requires you to go to the hospital to give leucorrhea Just check to know.

Contrast 4: Tightness

When a woman's physiology is not healthy enough, your vaginal condition will also change, that is, in terms of tightness. Among them, a more common situation is that when a woman becomes older, her vaginal condition will also change. Gradually become loose, of course this is normal. However, if the condition is relatively young, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by other disease factors.

In fact, a woman's vagina is good for gynecological health. We can judge and perceive it by comparison. When we all judge that there is an abnormality, the best solution is to go to the hospital for examination and see the results.

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