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The dryness of a woman's private parts affects sex, which is actually caused by these reasons!
For a woman, whether her gynecological aspects are healthy or not can be reflected in sex. For example, if you have some serious gynecological diseases, you will have pain during sex. In addition, there is a more awkward sexual situation, that is, the vagina is very dry. Even if your foreplay is in place and the state is in place, it still cannot be changed. At this time, you can consider whether these reasons.

The dryness of a woman's private parts affects sex, which is actually caused by these reasons!

Cause one: inflammation

If a woman has severe vaginitis in her daily life, then her vaginal side will have a poor physiological response when receiving stimulation. In addition, there is another situation that it can withstand the irritation and friction. It ’s not as good as a normal vagina. Therefore, just foreplay can't make you secrete love liquid to moisturize the vagina. In addition, even when the male genitals enter the vagina and stimulate them directly, your vagina will reduce the secretion of love fluid due to congestion, so the vagina will become very dry and painful.

Reason two: stress

Nowadays, women are generally more stressful. In addition to working under the same pressure as men, they also have to pay a lot in the family. Therefore, most of their energy is They are placed in work and life, and their interest in sex is steadily weakening. Therefore, even if it is sometimes impossible to avoid having a sex life, their perception and gain in sex are particularly weak. Under such circumstances, their vagina will naturally have fewer physiological reactions, especially dry.

Reason three: diet

If a woman is more picky about her diet, then you are not only unbalanced in nutrition, but also have an impact on your sexual life. Among them, when you lack vitamin B2, this will happen. Sexual awkward appearance. You can compare, in addition to this abnormality, you generally also have skin troubles, such as, especially dry, often have skin desquamation, etc. If you want to change this, you can actually add foods about vitamin B2 Already.

Reason four: birth control pills

If a woman's sex is frequent, and every contraceptive is taken with medicine, then the medicine can make you physiological abnormal, especially cause changes in hormones and endocrine. Most of these physiological changes will make you lose interest in sex and affect your sexual urge. In addition, if the frequency of sex is particularly high, it will also make you feel that sexual life is boring, so you will have a dry private part.

Women's private parts are particularly dry and not moisturizing. This is due to many situations. You can compare and determine what kind of situation you belong to.

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