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If the weather is warm, you are afraid of smell in your private area.
As the weather continues to warm, women will have a physiological embarrassment situation, that is, our private parts have a smell, when that smell is more unusual and unpleasant smell, whether you smell it yourself, Still being smelled by others, it's an awkward situation for you. Therefore, it's going to be warm, and our private odors should be watched out, especially in these areas, you must pay attention to prevent them.

If the weather is warm, you are afraid of smell in your private area.

1. Panty cleaning frequency

In fact, although women's underwear does not need to be changed every day, as the weather warms up, the frequency of cleaning our underwear really needs to be increased. Generally, it should not exceed two days, and it is best to change it every day. In addition, the underwear should be cleaned and disinfected a bit more thoroughly. In this way, clean underwear will generally reduce the smell of secretions accumulated in private parts. In addition, it is necessary to iron the underwear with boiling water every time it is cleaned. This will not only disinfect, but also reduce some odors left by the total contact with private parts.

2. Take a bath every day

In fact, our private parts generally do not need to be cleaned with lotion, otherwise some conditions such as gynecological diseases are easy to appear. However, in daily bathing, we can use flowing water to rinse the vagina. Well ensure the health of the private parts. Unless you are given some vaginal lotions that are prescribed by your doctor to treat private parts of the disease, you can wash them. In addition to this, do not use some lotions to wash your vagina yourself. As long as you can take a bath every day, you can guarantee the hygiene of your private area.

3. Wear less tights

When the temperature gradually rises, you should also pay attention to the choice of underwear for private parts. Don't wear extra tights. Although it is better to wear underwear like that, or you think it is more sexy, but, When your private parts are struggling hard, many secretions cannot be directly discharged. If the temperature is relatively high, the heat dissipation of private underwear is destined to be worse, and of course there will be some unpleasant smells that continue to radiate.

4. Sexual hygiene

And oh, that's a woman who has a sex life. After sex in every single sex, it's best to pay attention to hygiene. For example, after sex, you can take a bath, and your vagina can also Rinse and reduce the amount of time fluids stay in your private area. Of course, you also need to pay special attention to it, that is to do enough in contraception.

The smell of women's private parts is really awkward, and the weather is constantly warming. Those who have this situation should take precautions against this.

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