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Don't think leucorrhea during pregnancy is normal. Be careful with these abnormal leucorrhea!
Most women will feel that if there are more leucorrhea during pregnancy, then this is a normal condition due to some changes in their own physiological conditions during pregnancy. This does not require treatment, but many When the leucorrhea is abnormal in terms of quantity, there are other conditions, which generally means that this is not a normal physiological condition, especially for these kinds of leucorrhea abnormalities, you must pay attention.

Don't think leucorrhea during pregnancy is normal. Be careful with these abnormal leucorrhea!

1. Foamy leucorrhea

If you have a lot of leucorrhea when you are pregnant, and the shape is foamy, the color is also yellowish, especially thin yellowish white. There is also a leucorrhea that is more purulent, and the color is biased toward green. As long as the temperature of your private parts is slightly higher, you will smell a particularly bad smell, and in addition, your vaginal location, especially the vaginal opening, will have a particularly uncomfortable itching sensation. Such leucorrhea is trichomoniasis vaginal inflammation during pregnancy.

2. Tofu-like leucorrhea

There is also a more common abnormal situation of leucorrhea during pregnancy, which is that the leucorrhea is similar in shape to that of agglomerates, a bit like the tofu scum we often say. Moreover, the leucorrhea in this form will also bring you a particularly unbearable vaginal itching sensation. The key is that you will also have a burning pain when urinating. In addition, if it is a more serious situation, each time you urinate, you will have a different degree of dysuria. If this condition exists, then it usually means that your leucorrhea is a fungal vaginitis during pregnancy. .

3.off-white leucorrhea

Another type of leucorrhea, the most direct discrimination is the color, it is similar to that kind of gray-white, and the state is a bit milky, relatively thin, and does not have that kind of tofu residue. In addition, your vagina There will also be odors constantly appearing, but this odor is not that odor, but a odor similar to behavior. If this odor is combined with those leucorrhea states, it is what we usually say during pregnancy. Vaginitis, this also needs to be checked for leucorrhea to determine.

4.Brown or blood

There is also a special type of leucorrhea, that is, your leucorrhea is no different from normal in terms of status, but the color is brown, and it is accompanied by blood. At this time, you have no other discomfort. What you need to consider is not the abnormal condition of leucorrhea, but the stable state of your fetus. Generally, when there is a threatened abortion, something similar to blood will appear in your vagina. Such a situation.

Women generally have more leucorrhea during pregnancy, but there are no other abnormalities, especially in terms of color and condition. You must judge from these aspects whether you have inflammation of the vagina or signs of miscarriage.

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