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Woman wants to give birth after 40 years old? You need to be clear and ready in these areas!
Many women over the age of 40 now want to fight for the younger members of their families. You know, women at this age are preparing for childbearing, but they have to face a lot of risks. If you are determined to recreate someone, Well, there are three areas where you have to be clear and really ready.

Woman wants to give birth after 40 years old? You need to be clear and ready in these areas!

1. Birth plan

Once you have the idea of ​​giving birth again, you should not wait for yourself to become pregnant. You need to really take action to make a good plan for yourself. Among them, the key step is to bring him and compare it together. Comprehensive fertility check-ups. It's important to know that at this time not only women's physical fitness is much worse than young women's, but men as well. It is necessary for both people to do this inspection, find some abnormal conditions and minor problems, and do treatment and adjustment in time.

2. Screening for deformities

Because a woman's age is over 40, she will have a particularly noticeable disadvantage in terms of reproduction, especially your egg quality is certainly less than that of young women, so you must rest assured about fetal malformations. As long as it is after pregnancy, you must carefully screen and inspect the various abnormalities of the fetus. If abnormalities are found, then you need to do the relevant treatment according to the doctor's instructions. This is an unavoidable situation, after all, there is a direct relationship between age and fetal deformity.

3. Body diseases

When a woman of this age is pregnant, her body will have a particularly high risk of disease, such as your blood sugar, blood pressure, thyroid and other conditions. The probability of disease is much higher than that of young women. Therefore, you must have the psychological and material preparations in this area, and do a timely inspection. If it is true, you need to actively cooperate with your doctor to treat these diseases yourself. Do not feel that you have had a childbirth before. Just carelessly.

If a woman is over 40 years old and wants to have a child, there is naturally a special disadvantage in terms of physiology. This requires you to be prepared in all aspects.

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