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A very practical method of foreplay in sex, which instantly softens a woman!
Generally, women's sensibility in sex is worse than that of men. After all, from the perspective of traditional sex, women are generally more passive in sex. Men can only be shortest if they have mastered the foreplay. Between the time let the woman soften into the state.

A very practical method of foreplay in sex, which instantly softens a woman!

1. Licking ears

Yes, the ear is also a super sensitive part of a woman. When you are in the foreplay, use your breathing lips to cover the woman's ears, and then it is best to bring a little whisper. Gently bite the earlobe with your teeth, and the crispy touch will go down the ear and directly reach the woman's private parts. Starting from the earlobe, you can also lick the position of the woman's auricle in addition to lightly biting. This is a woman's super sensitive position. As long as the temperature of the tongue can touch the ear, then the foreplay begins to be very hot. .

2. Blow the armpit

There are some armpit hairs in a woman's armpit. At this time, if you can put your head under the woman's armpit position, it can not only make her particularly nervous, but also make the area sensitive. Give excitement. The method is super simple. The tongue can touch the skin of her underarms from time to time. At the same time, you must gently blow the woman's underarms with your mouth. Under the itching of the underarm hairs, the woman can be easily excited. Body goosebumps, this excitement at this time is the beginning of sex.

3. Knead Nipples

If you just rub a woman ’s breast, it can be said that your hand feels better, but for women, the key to sensitive stimulation from the breast is the nipple. When you are touching the breast, you may try to use your thumb Gently squeeze the nipple with your index finger, and then rub the nipple with a little force. Touching the breast and kneading the nipple can be alternated. The overall stimulation from the breast part will naturally bring the woman into a sexual state instantly .

Good foreplay will bring women's passion to life in a very short time. These super practical foreplays have to be learned.

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