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Do not use soap to wash the breasts of women, and be careful of causing skin diseases!
In fact, the skin condition of a woman's body is different in different parts. When you clean these skins, you have to deal with them differently, especially the more tender and sensitive skin areas, such as the chest, but you must remember Don't wash your chest with soap.

Do not use soap to wash the breasts of women, and be careful of causing skin diseases!

1. The more bacteria you wash, the more

Many soaps claim to be super bactericidal. Actually, sterilization is right, but the soap itself is particularly alkaline. When you wash your chest with soap, especially breasts, these alkaline substances will treat you like this. The skin of young and tender skin is gradually alkaline, that is, your chest position will gradually become an alkaline skin, and not only the alkaline bacteria are not killed, but they gradually increase, so that The germicidal effect of soap does not show up, but the addition of this bacteria will cause trouble to your breasts.

2. Wash off the grease

In fact, the position of a woman's chest, especially the breast, is the one that needs to be more moisturizing. However, if you keep washing with soap, the oil secreted from this part will be washed away. Not only is it washed away, but The oil secretion function of the skin is also weakening continuously, so your chest position will be particularly dry, especially the breast, and it will not moisturize. Therefore, the face value of the breast will continue to decrease, which is also a lot of special A situation that troubles beautiful women.

3. Swelling of the skin

Soap has a relatively large effect, that is, it can soften and clean the cuticle, but the cuticle of your chest should not be cleaned all the time. After cleaning, it will cause great damage to the skin of the chest, causing its damage. Cell classification is accelerating. At this time, your chest skin will be particularly dry, and every time you take a bath, you will feel this area is particularly hot and even a little painful. If you look closely, you will also find the skin surface cells of the chest All are swollen, which is actually hurting the skin.

Women's breast cleansing not only requires you to maintain a particularly low intensity, but also avoids the use of particularly strong cleaning agents such as soap, so that it maintains a little natural oil, but it is healthier.

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