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Take emergency contraceptives after having sex, make sure that four o'clock can guarantee the effect!
Many young people pay particular attention to "texture" when they have sex. The sexual sensation they are pursuing does not want to be reduced by condoms and other things. Therefore, they generally have sex without taking measures and take remedies after sex. In fact, this is also a relatively common contraceptive measure, but because you only take the medicine after the fact, if there is no guarantee on the effect of the drug, there is still a high probability of pregnancy. Therefore, you need to achieve these aspects.

Take emergency contraceptives after having sex, make sure that four o'clock can guarantee the effect!

1. Recovery time does not exceed 72 hours

Generally speaking, a woman is injected with sperm during sex. Then, it is not possible to get pregnant immediately. It usually takes at least a few days for the sperm to actually encounter the egg, and the quality of the sperm and egg is not good. Problems can get pregnant. If you can take birth control pills within 72 hours after having sex, the effect of the drug can be cast in a short time, and this time will really hinder your normal pregnancy. Remember, if it is beyond this period of time to take medicine to remedy, then the medicine can only affect your hormones, and will not hinder pregnancy.

2. Drug contraception only once

This is not to say that you have taken a pill once, and you can be assured that you will not get pregnant multiple times. This is not so magical. For example, after this sex, you took the contraceptive within the time of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the medicine, then it can largely guarantee that you will not be pregnant this time, but then you will have sex again If you have taken the contraceptive before, you can't guarantee that you will not get pregnant this time. For safety, it is better to take pills after each sex to prevent contraception.

3. The situation of taking medicine

Generally, many women will have a side-effect reaction to contraceptives. One of the more common is nausea and vomiting. If your condition occurs within two hours afterwards, then the drug is likely to remain in yours. In the stomach, you vomited because of vomiting. In the face of such a situation, you still need to take another contraceptive in time to ensure the true contraceptive effect. However, if you vomit two hours after taking the medicine, then you do not need to take it up.

4. Avoid taking other drugs

Since the contraceptive pill is a drug, its effect is most easily affected by other drugs. Therefore, if everyone has taken a contraceptive pill to prevent contraception, then you should not take other pills after taking this pill. Now, for example, anti-inflammatory drugs, antiviral drugs, etc., otherwise the contraceptives you have eaten will be affected by these drugs.

Taking contraceptive pills after sex is not a very reliable remedy, but at least you need to ensure that the pills you have taken can have an effect, so these tips on taking these pills should be paid attention to.

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