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Masturbation can also orgasm, you need to understand the method of masturbation!
Generally speaking, for women, if it is possible to gain sexual climax in terms of sex, then this kind of sex has a particularly good health effect on women. However, if it is a woman who does not have sex but has sexual needs, you may wish to Be open to masturbation. As long as the method is proper and the hygiene is guaranteed, masturbation can also climax.

Masturbation can also orgasm, you need to understand the method of masturbation!

1. Choose a safe masturbation tool

Many women who are not good enough in masturbation need some masturbation tools when masturbating. Among them, jumping eggs and vibrators are more willing to choose. Remember, when choosing these masturbation tools, it is best to choose a good brand, and, as far as possible, choose materials that are as close to human skin as possible. Of course, the most critical thing is the one that requires less allergic irritation. After all, in masturbation, these tools must directly contact our private parts. We must be safe and sanitary to make us feel comfortable.

2. Masturbation skills

It ’s not that when we are masturbating, as long as we can stimulate the private parts with our hands or tools, you also need to master a little trick. For example, when masturbating with your fingers, you need to draw circles to stimulate sensitive parts, or you can use your palm. Pat it, or you can gently rub the abdomen of your fingers. When using a masturbation tool, you can start with a small frequency and gradually increase it, instead of directly starting with a large frequency, otherwise it will easily make you feel disgusted or embarrassed. Of course, masturbation requires you to carry out some imagination yourself, so that you can enter the state relatively quickly.

3. Sprint near the climax

When you have the feeling of approaching the climax, don't stop or rest at this time, you also need to seize the sprint when this feeling is coming. Among them, the sprinting technique is to increase the intensity and speed up the frequency. This vigorous and high-frequency stimulation can allow you to gain more stimulation in a relatively short period of time. Therefore, orgasms are more likely to occur. Already. Of course, when the climax comes, you better not leave that state immediately, you can enjoy more continuous climax.

Women's masturbation can actually gain climax, as long as you ensure safety and hygiene, such masturbation can also have health effects.

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