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Do not drink these drinks during menstruation!
Not all women will have a physical discomfort during the physiological period, but even if you are so lucky, don't be willful in this special period. You must know that this time is a period when women are more vulnerable, no matter what All aspects need to be particular about. From our perspective of drinking alone, you should not drink a lot of drinks during your period.

Do not drink these drinks during menstruation!

1. Tea

As long as it is a drink with tea, or it is just tea, it cannot be drunk during the physiological period. You must know that a woman will have a lot of menstrual blood during the menstrual period. In this discharged menstrual blood, there will be special Much iron is draining. At this time we need to replenish blood, but if you drink tea, you can only make the loss of iron more "grave". Because there is something in tea that can change the substance that iron produces, that is tannic acid. When this substance enters our stomach, it fuses iron into a precipitate, which will make our anemia worse. .

2. Caffeine drinks

Drinks with caffeine can't be touched, because our body's defense ability is super weak during menstruation. At this time, if you drink these caffeine drinks, it will make some of your sensitive organs uncomfortable. The most direct feeling is the breast, which can easily cause the breast to be stimulated to produce pain and pain. In addition, this caffeine still stimulates your nerves, making your mood changes a little agitated and uncomfortable, especially if you are uncomfortable with your body, your anxiety will continue to increase.

3. Cold drinks

Remember, the tips for not drinking cold drinks during menstruation are not only for cold weather, but for women during the menstrual period, do not drink cold drinks, because at this time your uterus is detoxifying. When the cool material is stimulated, the blood supply of the uterus will be much weaker. At this time, it is easy to cause the blood to clot to be discharged badly, and you will be prone to dysmenorrhea. In addition, if the uterus is cold at this time, it will directly affect your next menstrual situation. Among them, menstrual irregularity and dysmenorrhea are particularly likely.


If you like to drink soda drinks, then, remember, it's better not to drink during the period. Because most women will feel a little uncomfortable at this time. When you drink soda willfully, your uncomfortable feeling will be upgraded immediately. In addition, the carbon dioxide in these drinks is in your body, which will also cause the poor absorption of iron and make you prone to anemia.

In fact, women need to pay special attention to whether they are eating or drinking during menstruation. Do not touch these drinks.

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