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A woman's first sex feels painful for three reasons!
In fact, from the perspective of women's physiology and sex, even if it is the first time that the hymen is obstructed, the pain will not be particularly strong, and it is usually relatively short. This kind of physiological pain reaction And "resistance" does not actually affect anything, but if your first sex pain is excessive, it usually has such an abnormal situation.

A woman's first sex feels painful for three reasons!

1. Foreign body feeling is too strong

Many women's vagina is more sensitive, especially if you encounter your first sex again, then when the men's genitals keep touching and trying to enter your vagina, the pain from the hymen obstruction at this time Coupled with the feeling of sensitive foreign bodies in the vagina, women will feel that the pain is constantly coming. If it is impossible to let the genitals enter, then this foreign body sensation can only continue to stimulate your pain and make you feel Extremely uncomfortable and painful.

2. Missing foreplay

There is another kind of, if it is your first start too excited or too hurried, then, if men are relatively lacking in foreplay for women, then women have not completely entered a realm of selflessness, The man is anxious to put the genitals in the woman's vagina, then the more anxious you are, the stronger the pain that will bring to the woman. At this time, the woman is aware of the man's actions because of her soberness. Then, you must There will be a relatively large amount of physical resistance, and the pain will escalate.

3. Stress factors

Most of the first time is very nervous. When men are nervous, they will not be able to grasp the strength and progress. The genital blindness will inevitably make women suffer a lot of stimulation and pain. Another thing is that women know this is their first time. Then, you must be super nervous. The more nervous you are, the more tight your vagina will become. This time, give the man more strength. Insertion will definitely double your pain.

The first time a woman actually needs to do a foreplay, completely relax and enter the state in order to make her sex less painful.

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