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Three ways to make your sex sweeter!
In fact, the emotions between men and women generally continue to sublimate in terms of sex life. When you are always cold and indifferent in this aspect, then the relationship between you is also destined to gradually weaken. Remember, these three kinds of couples can be used to make a couple's life more intimate.

Three ways to make your sex sweeter!

1. Gentle type

This type of sex life is actually very suitable for women who are weaker in their personality. This kind of personality is also relatively shy and passive during sex. At this time, what they need most is a gentler husband to render Their emotional feelings, and in addition, the gentle behavior of sex can often make women feel the intentions and attentiveness of men. Such a small psychological induction and experience will inevitably make women's emotions deeper.

2. Rhapsody

When men and women have sex, if you simply think about your sex or other things, then it is easy to make sex "cold". At this time, you can add some more fantasies about sex, and if you Some of the more sexualized sexual actions can also be taken out to try and add some different elements and sexual interests to your sex. Of course, for these more interesting sex, you still need to target those women who are more open and lively. If it is very conservative, it is not recommended.

3. Angry

In fact, sex itself has a sense of conquest. If men are more domineering in this respect, it will also make many women feel the male charm of men better. Therefore, men with a little anger during sex will more easily inspire men's sexual strength and time, which will also allow many women to enjoy the constant coming of sex in such a strong and overbearing sex climax. Remember, this kind of anger sex also needs men to master it well, not to overdo it, or it will hurt or dislike women.

In fact, the sexual status and situation between husbands and wives can only be grasped most clearly by yourself. You need to choose several types of husband and wife life according to your own situation.

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